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Our Handrail Fabrication Solution

Though Deck-Rail is primarily a guard rail manufacturer, we do fabricate handrails as well.

Every stair with 3 treads or more requires a handrail and the requirements of what meets a grippable handrail and how much it can encroach into the stair can be confusing. Let us help you decide on what handrail is best for your application. We offer wood handrails that are milled down to a size that meets code and can be stained to match the flooring.

We also offer square and round handrails in anodized aluminum, stainless steel, bronze and cold rolled steel. We have a variety of metal handrail brackets to match the handrail you choose.

The Wedgelock 3000 Hand Rail System was evaluated for load testing to determine the amount of deflection at specified loads. View the Engineering document in PDF format

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Onsite Examples

Ferrari Store

Deck-Rail was commisioned to provide Stainless Steel railing brackets for the Ferrari Store – Honolulu. At the time, we were the only company manufacturing ADA compliant handrail brackets. This job consisted of about 50 Stainless Steel brackets with glass kits to make them attached to holes in the glass. The onsite metal fabricator installed the brackets to their Stainless Steel handrails and their glass railing system. ADA requires a specific amount of space around the handrail as well as both sides of the glass railing system and through the landings with 12″ level offs top and bottom. The same requirements are typically not seen in residential construction.

Anodized Aluminum Handrails

This job features anodized aluminum handrails and square aluminum handrail brackets. These handrails are 1′ x 2″ and were anodized after being fabricated. The owner chose anodized aluminum partly to match the clear anodized windows on the house but also because of rust free characteristics, if this was a steel rail eventually it would rust. Stainless steel was considered for the handrail but is more costly and a different look. Like always we use stainless steel hardware to fasten the hand railing to the brackets. Also shown in this job is the “comb rail”, a custom vertical guardrail that is also anodized aluminum.

Pet Food Express

Deck-Rail was commissioned by Pet Food Express to install an ADA compliant 2 line ramp railing with kickplate at the bottom. This clear anodized aluminum handrail acts as guide with the kickplate at the bottom and with a grippable handrail at 36″ and another halfway down, it is fully compliant with the ADA standards. The handrail profile is 1-1/2″ round and in mandral bent so there are no kinks in the elbows. Being ADA compliant means that there needs to be a handrail on both sides of the ramp and level offs that extend 12″ at top and bottom where necessary.

Private Residence

This job features a glass mounted wood handrail with stainless steel brackets. The wood profile is 1-1/4″ x 1-3/4″ and was stained to match the floor. The railing transitions from a wall mounted handrail to a glass mounted handrail when it reaches the top of the stairs. The glass guardrail is set in an aluminum base shoe and the glass is 1/2″ thick clear tempered. This railing system is fully mechanical as you can see in the pictures and the layout has to be perfect as the glass is ordered with holes in it.