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Deck-Rail.com manufactures proprietary, pre-engineered railing systems for decks and stairs. Each railing system is factory built and installs easily on the jobsite with NO onsite welding and simple hand tools. Our Wedge Lock 3000 is patent pending and we are the only company offering such a system. Find out more...

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So what’s wrong with cable rail?

  • Cable railing is not easily maintained, and from rubbing off paint to dripping rust, they quickly become a mess – and once they do, it’s not easily or cheaply reversed. Our deck railing system won’t make a mess.
  • Cable rail with enough tension often cause endposts to bow, ruining an otherwise elegant design. Our deck rail doesn’t rely on tension, avoiding this problem.
  • It’s nearly impossible to stay up to code using cable rails. When you install cable rails, you will sign paperwork as part of the California Business Code agreeing that a 50-pound weight will not make a taut cable bend (read more…). That’s a standard beyond the reach of most contractors, and it means you won’t be compliant starting immediately. Our deck railing system doesn’t impose impossible legal standards.

Why use our deck railing system?

  • While our deck railing system is typically easier to set up than a proper cable railing system which is up to code, the cost of our deck rail is comparable to an old-fashioned cable rail system.
  • Our products are gorgeous. You won’t find a cable railing system that looks better. Period.
  • Our deck rail system is far easier to maintain than a traditional, often rusty cable railing system – and unlike cable railing, our deck rail doesn’t become more difficult to maintain over time.

We’re green! Find out more…

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About Deck-Rail.com

We ship nationwide, but we’re California deck railing providers specializing in alternatives to San Francisco cable rail, San Jose cable railings, Oakland cable rails, Bay Area cable railing, Napa Valley cable rails, Santa Rosa cable railings, Walnut Creek cable railings, Berkeley cable railings, Santa Clara cable railings, Hawaii cable railings, Portland cable railings, Seattle cable railings, San Diego cable railings, Denver cable railings, Boulder cable railings, Jackson Hold cable railings and many, many more locations! Cable railings simply can’t compare with our deck railing system.

Architectural Metal Works is located in California, and we make the best California deck railing available, replacing California cable railings wherever possible! We also build custom gates in California so if you are looking for something modern, long-lasting, and beautiful then you’ll love our California custom metal gates! Read more about who we are and what we stand for right here!